We are a charity working to form, nourish and sustain leaders and governors of Catholic schools.




In 2018, the bishops of England and Wales commissioned the creation of Formatio in order to provide Catholic dioceses in England and Wales with additional capacity and strategic innovation for the formation of Catholic school leaders and governors.  Since 2018, we have been the catalyst ensuring these innovative options can be developed and delivered at pace across England and Wales.

Supported by start-up funding from the Assumption Legacy Fund – and guided by our Vision for Catholic School Leadership – we have successfully developed a regional hub model to promote collaboration between dioceses, a national programme for the formation of existing and aspiring executive headteachers and a portfolio of online training available to all governors in Catholic schools.

A Vision for Catholic School Leadership

As part of our commitment to forming, nourishing and sustaining leaders and governors of Catholic schools, we have developed a vision for Catholic school leadership. The text of this document – agreed by the bishops of England and Wales, diocesan representatives and Catholic school leaders – serves as a gold standard for those aspiring to school leadership and as a benchmark for Formatio’s work in this area.

The vision document can be viewed below and can be downloaded by clicking the link. We encourage you to share and apply this document widely.